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We are the

The Regeneration Centre 

Generation of Change

The term 'Generation' is often used to divide populations - from Gen Z to Millenials to Boomers, critising each other's naivety, arrogance and mistakes. But when we talk about Generations here at the Regeneration Centre, we are referring to everyone alive right now in this extraordinary 21st century. For the survival of life as we know it, we have to be the generation of change. and so rather than allowing ourselves to be swept along through the next crucial decades to a point of no return we recognise the current crisis as an opportunity for us to choose to be an active generation and create the world we want to see in 20, 30, 100 years from now.

Regeneration of all aspects of life

Intergeneration Movement: harness the passion and power of youth voice and capture the wisdom and strength of our elders

Power in People: Cultivate stronger communities and build resilience and share resources.

Restoring Land: soil and environmental health

Awareness of Interconnectivity: Repairing the connections between ourselves and nature


Founded in 2020 by Hannah Temme the Regeneration Centre was born out of a recognition lack of opportunities for city residents, particulary low income and marginalise communities toconnect with nature  environmental eduaction

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- our story


-where we take inspiration eg indigenous

-commitment to diversity

-commitment to earth and community

-meaning behind regeneration

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