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Sheridan Court Community Garden

Between March and September 2021 we facilitated the transformation of a social housing outdoor space in Monsall, Manchester into a communal garden to grow vegetables, herbs, and for socialising and neighbourhood activities. It became a space to provide residents with opportunities to reconnect with nature, food and the environment.

Our aim was to ‘heal - reimagine - renew systems’ through environmental workshops, including vegetable growing and climate-change education.

Wild Path

Watch our video to hear about the meaning behind Regeneration Centre in the words of our director Hannah Temme and about Sheridan Court Community Garden project in North Manchester.

Video by Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin, founder of Elevate Young Minds.



It was an open space with some beautiful trees including a Eucalyptus and some evergreens.

There was a small rockery and a discarded bench in the corner but otherwise this outdoor spaces was mostly unused by local residents.


Now this area has:

2 vegetable patches, a herb and flower bed,

a rejuvenated rockery, 3 new fruit trees

and a brand new seating area.



This project is generously funded by the Lankelly Chase Greater Manchester System Changers, and delivery was assisted by Elevate Young Minds.

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158756408_479565893217984_6722094767026456263_n (1).png

Thank you to all who were involved in making this garden a success.

Watch this space for updates of future work on this project!

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