Sheridan Court Community Garden

Community Garden

Between March and June 2021 we are facilitating the transformation of a social housing outdoor space in Monsall, Manchester into a communal garden to grow vegetables, herbs, and for socialising and neighbourhood activities. It will be a space of healing by providing residents with an outdoor area to reconnect with nature, food and the environment.

This project will be community-led to ensure that it meets the direct needs of local residents and is sustainable come autumn-time. Our aim is to ‘heal - reimagine - renew systems’ through environmental workshops, including vegetable growing, wildlife walks and climate-change education.

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The photo left is the space prior to the projects. It is an open space with some beautiful trees including a Eucalyptus and some evergreens.

There is a small rockery and a discarded bench in the corner that once upon a time might have been used, but otherwise this outdoor spaces is mostly ignored by local residents.

We look forward to turning it into a thriving community garden for social gatherings and environmental education - watch this space!

Participants will work with us throughout and the project will renew systems by producing local healthy food, building a community that shares knowledge, tools and provides support through the uncertainty of the climate crisis. We wish to encourage positive treatment of the local environment and cultivate love of nature.

This project is generously funded by the Lankelly Chase Greater Manchester System Changers.

If you are interested in volunteering to help transform this space, please get in touch. We will be holding open sessions following the lift of lockdown.