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The planetary is personal

We recognise that there are many aspects of life that connecting with nature can positively impact, from social to physical to mental to environmental and they are all important in the healing of our planet.

Below are the core focus areas of our work that we strive to elevate in every interaction.

Our Core Aims


One of our key missions is to improve accessibility of local, organic, plastic free food, rich in nutrients and cultivate an appreciation and understanding of where it came from and how amongst city residents. 


We do this through creating spaces for locals to grow their own food and to learn how in practical gardening workshops.


In 200... the population of cities officially surpassed the population of rural communities across the globe and we have never been more disconnected from our food, the land it was grown from and the people who grew it.

The food we consume in cities is often imported from the other side of the world, ladened with chemicals, highly processed, underpaid for, out of season, or packaged in plastic.


Often economic and societal circumstances mean that these local, organic products are unaffordable or unavailable to a large proportion of the population and we are instead forced to knowingly choose lower quality produce from the aisles of supermarkets without knowing the story or value of our food.


Additionally many lower income areas across the UK suffer from food poverty - a direct lack of access - a shortage shops selling fresh fruit and veg but rather lots of processed goods.

We want to address this injustice by creating opportunities learn the ways of nature, places to grow food and reconnect with its source.

Did you know vegetables grown today have ...%less nutritional value than those grown ten years ago due to farming methods and depletion of soil health.

Image by Peter Bond
Organic Vegetables



We have seen first hand a difference in the way people show up to nature events and gardening spaces.

They show up with generosity and gratitude and more open hearts, because they are expecting to meet others with the same.

And the do and so the cycle robustly continues.



sharing resources

diverisity Bipoc

low income

building resilience

Community Gardening
Sunset in the Nature

Mental Health

importance of being in nature

understanding interconnectedness



healthy food


increase awareness of CC

improve treatment of local environment

increase eco-conscious behaviour

Nature Views
Home Gardening


practical hands on skill building

mental resilience towards CC
self awareness and understanding of role in world

children and adults

Gardening Lesson
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