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at Elevate Young Minds Development Clubs

Greater Manchester

Harvest Web.jpg

Children and Women

Harvest was our free hands-on gardening programme of Greater Manchester, to reawaken a locked-down city to spring, to nature and to new skills. The two clubs we ran were:

An introduction to natural systems and gardening practices for young people

An introduction of the feminine forces within nature and the need for leadership driven by feminine values in planetary healing.

Image by Markus Spiske

Topics varied according to the youth or women programme but both covered a range of skills including:

  • Planting and growing

  • Planning a garden

  • Food security

  • Biodiversity and Ecology

  • Mental Health and nature

  • Climate change action

Covid19 Safe

Workshops will be run according to government guidelines.


Be sure to sign up and reserve a place to abide by these restrictions, or unfortunately you will be unable to join in.

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