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About Us


Regeneration Centre provides opportunities for city residents, in particular low income and marginalised groups, to reconnect with nature and their food through practical hands on activities. 


We strive to transform neglected green spaces into community gardens working closely with residents for the physical and mental benefit and nutritious affordable pesticide-free produce.

Central to our services is the importance of building climate change adaptation skills and resilience and improve independence from fragile systems of current consumption patterns. 

Meditation in Forest

We place a particular focus on women-orientated development

recognising that the oppression of the feminine connection

with nature is a large contributor towards the current imbalance

of global structures and natural ecosystems. We believe in uplifting

women to harness feminine values in their leadership and aid our

planetary healing.

We are currently based in Manchester and are working in underserved areas of the city to boost the sense of community and sense of responsibility for the surrounding environment.


Climate Change Adaptation 

   Mental Health    
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